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For the pass couple months, amazing things have happened to CodeFaces: it has enough features and scalability to go live, it was listed as a demo app on Eclipse RAP’s demo page, good feedback has been heard after people using it, and constant feature requests have been documented and pushed to our backlog. That’s pretty encouraging both to me and to the CodeFaces Team.

In case you haven’t know, CodeFaces is a web-based source control client that targets at easing the pain of navigating codes from a source control system on a browser. It allows connecting to multiple source control systems and structurally navigating codes on a unified web interface.

It’s nice to see a potential community growing and we decided to continue making cool stuff happen. We have already marked down what you asked for: file searching, connecting to private repositories, flat structure on showing the folder trees, etc.. Right now we are on our way to the next CodeFaces release (v1.1.1). This release will be a maintenance one and the main theme is bug fixing, performance tuning and minor feature upgrade. We will soon scope it down in our issue tracker and open to everybody. Do not hesitate to ask us for new features. We greatly appreciate it! :)

Happy code navigating!