Jingwen Owen Ou is a programming ninja. He had his MSc in Computer Science @ the beautiful University of British Columbia of Canada. During his master degree, Owen focused on building tools that reduces information overload based on developers' knowledge of the codebase. Owen can be found writing, contributing to open-source and building fun projects like GH amongst many others.


Title Date
Fast GitHub Command Line Client Written in Go 22 Dec 2013
Write Build Tasks in Go with Gotask 27 Nov 2013
Ten Things You Didn't Know Git And GitHub Could Do 13 Jan 2012
PoEAA on Rails 24 Sep 2011
Automatic Testing of REST Web Services Client with Rails 20 Jul 2011
Git Up Perforce with git-p4 23 Mar 2011
Speed Up J2EE Environment Setup With Jetty Maven Plugin 23 Feb 2011
Agile is an adjective, not a noun! 07 Feb 2011
Running a single JUnit test in Eclipse 05 Feb 2011
Loading Path Gotchas in Rails 3 20 Jan 2011
Planning for CodeFaces 1.1.1 21 Sep 2010
How to set up and run PDE build 19 Sep 2010
Patching with Class Shadowing and Maven 20 Jul 2010
Introducing Eclipse RAP 08 Jul 2010
Why code navigation sucks on most SCM's web interfaces? 05 Jul 2010
Pushing Adaptive Implementations with Eclipse's Extension Points 12 Apr 2010
Adaptive Implementations with Eclipse's Optional Plugin Dependencies 07 Apr 2010
Judicious Serialization 26 Nov 2009
Running Eclipse Java Compiler with Ant 18 Nov 2009


GH: fast command line client to GitHub.
Dart: structure programming for the web powered by Google.
Dynjs: invokedynamic Javascript implementation on the JVM.
CodeFaces: a web-based source control client.
JekyllAndHyde: a HTML presentation platform on GitHub.
Eclipse Mylyn: task and application lifecycle management (ALM) framework for Eclipse.
Eclipse FITpro plug-in: Framework for Integrated Test (Fit) for Eclipse.